Get The Grades.
Earn The card.
Get the Perks.

StudyCard enhances PBIS programs through leveraging your community by offering real life (IRL) benefits to K-12 students that extend beyond points, avatars, and stickers.  

Hi, K-12 World. Meet Your Very Own Loyalty Program

Who says loyalty programs should only be limited to airlines, hotels and coffee chains? It’s time schools utilize the same exciting and behavior-changing power to celebrate academic excellence and motivate students like never before!

Features and benefits:


Real World Rewards

Leverage the community to motivate K-12 students with real benefits that extend beyond points, avatars, and stickers

Seemless Integration

StudyCard’s platform integrates seamlessly with tools teachers and students already use, We are Classlink certified! 


Community Inclusiveness

Leverage the local business community by allowing them (big or small) an easy path to participation through donated deals and discounts as rewards


Motivation to the Moon

Already have a PBIS tool? Great! Take your program and motivation to the next level by extending a status that unlocks real world rewards.

party horn

More Opportunities to Celebrate

Create moments of celebration each time a student uses their StudyCard to redeem a StudyPerk. They earned it!

card stack

Customize for Impact

Fully customizable and easy to manage. StudyCards and Reward Levels can be matched to be on brand with your school’s color scheme to increase school spirit

We Take Compliance, Student Privacy, and Security Very Seriously

Our goal is to foster a program that is both fun and rewarding while keeping the important stuff —such as safety — upfront and center.


We are different than your typical platform. We don’t collect any user data and it’s never sold or accessible to retail partners. We tell them to think of it as featuring their coupons in the local newspaper—if you still know what that is 😉

FERPA and COPPA Compliant

We are Classlink certified which means we are FERPA and COPPA compliant by giving granular control over data access (which is only name and student ID)

Hablas Español

To be as inclusive as possible, we also support America’s second most spoken language, Spanish. Parents and students will be able to join in on the fiesta as we celebrate our amazing students


an ecosystem approach

Motivation is strongest when communities work together.

Uplift and inspire students with meaningful rewards that turn hard work into real value. In order to reach and support all students, we have to look beyond traditional motivation methods. Extrinsic motivation allows students to measure and validate their progress with crystal-clear reasons to celebrate.

Teachers, administrators, support staff, and parents play a huge role, but we want to amplify participation. When local businesses step up, students have access to more resources and higher value rewards. Plus, community involvement is a real-world symbol of support, showing students that everyone is rooting for them and wants them to succeed.

StudyCard reaches beyond the classroom walls with an ecosystem approach. As a StudyCard partner, businesses prove to students that their progress is worth investing in. Loyalty and support go both ways!

Together, we can reward accomplishments, celebrate growth, and build stronger community connections.


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